Can Yasuní be saved?

A simulation exploring the impact of oil production

This simulation reproduces a conference held in November 2011, convened by the Ecuadorian government with a view to reaching a decision on whether or not to preserve Yasuní National Park on the basis of a negotiation process. After an introduction, each participant adopts the role of one of the stakeholders involved, representing their position in the discussion. The example of Yasuní provides a window on the dependencies in place in an interconnected world. As a result, participants gain an insight into the economic, ecological and social impacts of oil consumption, and explore the different interests at stake. The search for solutions highlights the inequality of the options available to the different stakeholders involved in global power relations. In the evaluation phase, participants devise their own courses of action.

Downloadable Materials:
+Information_on_the_current_state_of_affairs Introduction_to_the_scenario
+Profile_Ecuadorian Government

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